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A 3 day course that delivers the HSE certified First Aid at Work qualification. The First Aid at Work certificate is the gold standard qualification for nominated first aiders in most work situations.This qualification is for anyone seeking a comprehensive in-depth first aid course. It is particularly suitable for people wanting to become a nominated first aider and for businesses for whom the HSE guidelines recommend a trained first aider qualified in First Aid at Work. This course is suitable for low to high risk workplaces and no previous training or qualifications are necessary

A 2 day course that revalidates the HSE certified First Aid at Work qualification for a further 3 years. This 2 day refresher course covers the same topics as the full 3 day course. In order to attend this refresher course it is necessary to be in possession of an in-date First Aid at Work certificate (no more than 3 years and 1 month from the date of certification).

Emergency First Aid at Work is a 1 day HSE certified qualification for appointed first aiders in low risk workplaces and anyone wishing to acquire a good grounding of first aid knowledge. No previous training or qualifications are necessary. The course offers a comprehensive coverage of all the main first aid scenarios you might be likely to meet.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) deliver the potentially lifesaving shock that can restart the heart after a heart attack. They are becoming increasingly common in public places and many businesses. The use of these automated devices is therefore, arguably, an essential skill for the first aider. This course will take you through the whole process of how, why and when to use an AED and to practice using a training device. This course can be delivered on its own, or incorporated into our other first aid courses if required.

This 2 day paediatric first aid course focuses on the situations and conditions most likely to be of relevance to those working with young children - and in particular teachers, nursery staff, child-minders and play group leaders. It also meets the requirements of the Early Years foundation stage statutory framework.This course has plenty of hand-on practice and is aimed at giving you the confidence to recognise and manage a wide range of emergencies until the ambulance or other medical help arrives as well as dealing with the more day to day situations that you may be faced with. No previous training or qualifications are necessary.